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In short, the Constable returned to his pavilion highly satisfied with the manner in which he had extricated himself from those difficulties which in the morning seemed almost insuperable; and when his officers agriculture map of pakistan to disrobe him, for great feudal lords had their levees and couchees, in imitation of sovereign princes, he distributed gratuities amongst them, and jested and laughed in a much gayer humour than they had ever before witnessed. For thee, he said, turning to Vidal the minstrel, who, sumptuously dressed, stood to pay his respects among the other attendants, I will give thee nought at present; but do thou remain by my bedside until I am asleep, and I will next morning reward thy minstrelsy as I like it. My lord, said Vidal, I am already rewarded, both by the honour, and by the liveries, which better befit agriculture map of pakistan royal minstrel than one of my mean fame; but assign me a subject, and I will do my best, not out of greed of future largess, but gratitude for past favours. Gramercy, good fellow, said the Constable. Guarine, he added, addressing his squire, let the watch be posted, and do thou remain within the tent-stretch thyself on the bear-hide, and sleep, agriculture map of pakistan listen to the minstrelsy, as thou likest best. Thou thinkest thyself a judge, I have heard, of such gear.
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